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Shutters from BMPS

Our shutters have been proudly designed, developed and manufactured here in the Blue Mountains since the 80’s. We at BMPS were closely involved with the birth of this range of shutters and the family business that started them. Now housed in a modern factory on the central coast, this same family business, OPEN SHUTTERS, continues to thrive as Australia’s leading shutter manufacturer, and we continue our association with them here in the mountains.

The benefits of living with Open Shutters

Shutters control light and air, you enjoy the view and still maintain privacy.
Protect your furnishings and carpets from fading and damage from the Australian sun.

Allergic to dust? A clear advantage of Open Shutters. Our Shutters resist attracting dust (anti static), which helps allergy and asthma sufferers, unlike curtains and blinds.

Minimise toxins and chemicals in your home with shutters. Our timber Shutters are made from solid Western Red Cedar, so there is no outgassing from man made mdf or glue based "wood" composites. All paints are free of lead and isocyanates.

Window shutters have great insulation properties. The Western Red Cedar we use, which is farmed sustainably, has the best insulation qualities of any wood. In fact, 1cm of Cedar is equal to 4cm of brick. Because we use the right materials and take extra care with the fit, our shutters are also one of the best window insulators available.

Great design, low maintenance shutters. Precision-made Open Shutters are also low maintenance, no need to wash curtains, replace blind cords, or struggle with Venetians. Shutters from BMPS add style, beauty and value to a home whether the decor is modern or traditional.

No compromise home decorating. Blinds, shades, venetians, curtains, verticals, mass produced plantation shutters and traditional window furnishings all have limitations.
Each of our shutters is individually crafted in Australia for each opening. This means every individual panel you order will be designed for your unique space. We offer an extensive choice in shutter styles: interior and exterior; wet or high traffic areas; special shapes from circles to bay windows; blade profiles and widths; natural finishes and colour matching.

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