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“Metel” Shutters
External aluminium shutters ideally suited for outdoor living or wet indoor areas.
Australians love the outdoors, so we offer a range of easy to clean aluminium shutters engineered to provide a practical alternative to solid walls or flapping blinds when defining your outdoor living areas. The strength of the Metel shutter will withstand the extremes of Australian weather. They give you the versatility to control privacy, natural airflow and shade while still allowing you to enjoy the view.
Metel shutters are the ideal choice for indoor wet areas such as a window in a bathroom shower.

Aluminium shutters offer more design options.

The design options are increased thanks to the combination of strength and lightness of the material. This allows greater panel heights and widths than other shutters. The ability to powdercoat and match your colour scheme means the Metel range will integrate perfectly into your home.

• Aluminium alloy, tempered to Australian Standards
• Available in timber look “Western Red Cedar”
• Large range of standard powdercoat colours
• Stainless steel key locks available
• Adjustable 90 or 115mm aerofoil blades
• Panels can be made to fit angled openings, with fixed blades
• Low maintenance, extra weather resistance
• Can fixed, hinged, sliding or bi-folded in an opening

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